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Lead Affected

My favourite piece, which topped The Guardian's list of the best Australian podcast episodes of 2016.

"I felt betrayed, because I loved Broken Hill and I loved my house and I loved the town, and I loved the streets and I loved everything about it. And to think that my lovely town was poisoning my beautiful baby was heartbreaking."

Nobody wants to be a bad parent. So how does a community cope when the place they live is harming their children?


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That Girl

A special episode of All The Best that I created with Kate Montague, Jessica Bineth and Jess O'Callaghan.

“I didn’t want to be That Girl Who Had An Abortion, because I’m not… When you look at the statistics, there are many of those girls”

We have so many conversations about abortion, but most of the time they’re abstract and political, they’re not about the lived experiences and choices of women who’ve terminated a pregnancy.

The image for this episode is an illustration by Leah Goren, used with permission. 


What Might Have Been

There’s a place on the north coast of NSW called North Arm Cove. There are 400ish residents, no shop, no town water, but they do have a tennis court they built with money from the government’s GFC stimulus package a few years back.

But North Arm Cove was slated to be something much bigger. For a brief, shining moment, it might have been the capital of Australia. That didn’t happen, obviously. But plans were drawn up and roads carved through the bush, and due to a strange confluence of planning laws and economics, a small community lives in a perfectly planned city that’s mostly gravel boulevards and eucalyptus trees.